Post Production

As post production we provide you with a whole package such as Editing, Graphics, Color Grading, VFX, Narrations etc. Just handover your raw videos to us and our professionals will make them a perfect production with their experience of the last seven years.

Outside Broadcast Bus

Our outside broadcasting carries out the operation of production and live transmissions of news, sports, live entertainment and anything else that cannot be produced within a studio in order for broadcasters to produce and transmit live events that take place outside a studio. We have our own OB Bus to cover and or transmit your events.

Drone Camera Operating

Drone photography is THE in-thing in today’s demanding business as well as social sector. We operate a series of drones equipped with gimbals and high quality cameras capable of capturing crystal clear high-quality videos/photos from the air.

Multi Camera Productions

Multi-camera operation is a process of filming where more than one camera is used to record footage. We use the following facilities in our multi camera productions: Broadcasting Full HD Cameras,Vision Mixers, 4K, Full HD Recorders, Tally & Intercom System, Fibre Optic Cables, SDI Cables, Monitors, CG, NLE, Slow Motion Machines, Lights,Audio Mixers & Audio facilities.

Live Streaming

Our live broadcast team works with you to share some of the best-practices in planning and delivering flawless and successful live streams. Our Prauda team will be on hand to support you during the live events, either on-site or with full remote access to help troubleshoot any issues in real-time so you can focus on delivering an outstanding experience for your viewers.

Social Media Campaigns

We do Social Media Campaigns such as Face Book, You Tube, Twitter, Instagram etc. To make your campaigns successful we first the goal of your campaign, decide how to promote the campaign on each channel, create a content calendar for a week or a month and create supporting visual contents, schedule posts, monitor the campaign and respond.

Stage Show Organizing

We provide Lights, Sounds, Video Walls, Stage, Floor Management etc. backed by our industry proficiency. We assure the presentation of top class stage show. We closely coordinate with our esteemed clients and organizers to iron out any issues that are confronted.

Television Crew & Equipment

Our experienced crew will be always at hand to assist you in your productions. We also undertake to hire our equipment at affordable rates to those who need such services

News & Current Affairs

One of our main tasks is timely, accurate and credible reporting of news and current affairs from around the fast changing world. By reporting some of the extraordinary news reports island-wide since 2012, Prauda has earned a unique niche in the media sector.


Photography (Arial Photography / Real estate Photography / Cooperate Photoshoots / Food and Product Photography / Event Photography and Photobooth).

TV Commercials, Documentaries, Music Videos

A great demand exists currently for television commercials within the competitive market. The aspiration of any institution is to convey their messages to potential consumers within a few seconds. Prauda is the best choice to overcome this challenge. Prauda continues to take the most attractive art of Music Video on television to the next level by updating our viewers on a daily basis and providing them with the latest experiences. Prauda Productions is in the forefront in producing documentaries of the highest quality not only locally but internationally as well.